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Wallmine helps you research investment opportunities faster.

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Wallmine is the favorite tool of many professional and retail investors.

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Screen for cryptocurrencies and stocks based on hundreds of criteria

Insider trading

Browse recent SEC Form 4 filings
with ease


Explore the performance of different market sectors and industries


Receive price move notifications and reduce the time spent checking


Review the latest headlines relevant to your holdings

Advanced charts

Watch and interact with the advanced technical indicators

Extremely fast navigation

Interested in a particular stock? Just type the ticker and press enter.



Use the wide range of fundamental and technical criteria to find profitable stocks and cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, compare specific holdings to each other. The extended data, heatmaps, news, and insider trading information are all available for every screen.

Market heatmaps


Visualize your investments

View the performance of stocks, sectors, and entire markets by zooming in and out and exploring the cells.

See the difference

Explore the differences between sectors, industries, or countries and visualize your diversification.


We’re proud to be providing the tools to help you research investment opportunities more effectively.

"I love the look of your platform. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to get quality information on different stocks and track my portfolios. Thank you thank you."

Jay Bann
City Media Group

"I was surprised to find how fast it is to access individual stock pages and navigate between them. The extent of information is better than other sites, but it's the usability of wallmine that makes the real difference. Love the homepage overviews and heatmaps as well."

Nicholas Huber

"The crypto scanner and notifications are the best out there and I use them daily. I feel like you add something new every day. Thanks for the great site."

David Noah


Wallmine helps you research & track your investments like it's 2018.

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